Complimentary Consultation ( 20 minutes )

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs and change makers who:

  • Feel stuck and lack direction.

  • Are stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, working too hard and trying to juggle family, work and life.

  • Do not usually say NO and generously overcommit to more than is good for them.

  • Feel like something has to change in their life, but lack the clarity and confidence to understand or make those changes.

  • Are extremely time poor and want to be more efficient and productive with their time so they can achieve their ambitious visions without having to work harder.

  • They want to create a lifestyle on their own terms and have more personal freedom.

  • Want to discover the magic in leading an epic, fulfilling life.

Who is it not for?

Entrepreneurs and change makers who:

  • Are not ready or willing to make the changes they know in their heart they need to make to have what they want.

  • Are stuck and not ready to move forward.

  • Are not prepared to change their mindset and take action to create more ease and flow.

  • Think they already know the answers and are not going to take advice from someone else.

  • Are not willing to be honest with themselves about what they really want in life.

What kinds of challenges do I support people in working on?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, lacking direction and using wise decision making skills.

  • Feeling torn between an ambitious vision for their business and living a balanced, happy life.

  • Stress, worry, tiredness, working way too hard, time poor and starting to feel burned out.

  • Relationship’s starting to breakdown with a partner or children.

  • Lack of self-worth, overcoming self-doubt and cultivating trust to back themselves with big decisions to have what they really want in life.

  • Finding the courage within to make a leap of faith and take a new approach to create the lifestyle that they truly want while making a difference in the world.

Mitch Carson

Business Marketing Consultant USA

I just had an amazing 30-minute session with Theresa. It was transformational. She should be called the 30-minute transformationalist. I must admit to being initially hesitant sharing myself with a stranger. She allowed me to feel relaxed, comfortable and let me lead as I followed her on the journey of finding my balance. If this sounds a little out there, get over it. Her style of getting to the essence of what I want is unique.

She is truly gifted in connecting with people. All the fancy degrees from expensive schools cannot provide this ability Theresa possesses. If you feel unclear, stuck, or plain uncertain about a situation or your life, Theresa can help you as she helped me.

What methodologies do I use?

In this session, I discover what you really want, what is important to you and identify some of the blocks that are preventing you from getting those things.

Once this session is complete, we will discuss the possibility of designing a custom roadmap for you to help you achieve your goals.

Why is it free?

To identify your needs and see if we are a good match to work together.

What is our main focus when on the call?

Where you are now, where you want to be and what is stopping you.

What kinds of results do people get?

People receive the clarity and confidence they need to take action towards moving forward.