Theresa Ann Fitzgerald

Theresa facilitates alchemy.
She is a gifted Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Change the Future Academy which is an online academy that supports change-makers, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to activate their inner wealth for success and fulfilment.

She co-authored the book titled In the Spirit of Success with international, personal and spiritual development leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Her own book, Become Your Own Guru How to live an empowered and meaningful life, reached international audiences and has become a holistic handbook of daily guidance for many readers.

My Story

I was born in Mt Gambier, South Australia, as the eldest of four siblings, and grew up on a farm in rural Australia. As a small child I remember feeling the wonder of being alive with curiosity and playfulness.

A farm can be a dangerous playground for children, so my parents were very strict about what we could do and how we were to behave – there were so many rules! The rules didn’t make sense to me with my curious nature and adventurous spirit. I saw and felt things very differently from those around me.

The inner conflict between my innate senses and having to follow rules seemed foreign, so I became very confused. As the eldest child, when my siblings became toddlers I was given the responsibility of ensuring they followed the rules for their safety. I took this on as my full responsibility.

I was an open, sensitive child who absorbed everything going on around me, so I learned to be a good student of life. As a good student, I learned to do the right things, be super responsible, a nice person and not speak unless I was spoken to. When I was spoken to I chose to not have an opinion, telling myself that my opinion or anything I had to share didn’t matter. I chose to stay silent, became very shy and reserved – choosing to just be an observer of life.

I took the responsibility for watching my siblings seriously, but one day when I was around 4 and my sister was 2, she opened a bottle of poison and drank from the bottle. She was rushed to the hospital. I remember at the time becoming more confused, afraid that she might die and I would be responsible because it was my job to keep my siblings safe. I felt so alone, hated and blamed myself for this event.

As I grew up I felt more like I didn’t belong, so I distanced myself and withdrew from life. I spent a lot of time on my own, living in my own mind, reading books, watching movies about history, adventure, space travel and spent a lot of time in nature. I struggled to make friends and became more silent, thinking that if I could just be who everyone wanted me to be, then I would be accepted. I would be the good daughter, sister, work colleague, friend, wife, mother – go above and beyond to be the best in whatever role I was playing.

I was definitely an achiever – a striver. Later when I landed the only job I’ve ever had, in a bank, I climbed the corporate ladder, reaching second in charge of a country branch at a young age, putting my personal happiness and wellbeing aside. I strived for success but later realised it wasn’t the success I was looking for.

Over time, I developed paranoid thoughts, constant worry, severe self-judgement, self criticism, and became highly stressed and numb on the inside. I existed on an automatic pilot lifestyle. My life was full of busyness. I strived to be the best so I could feel accepted, be seen, heard and acknowledged, and recognised as a valuable part of the team. I sought connection, self-worth and fulfilment!

However, beneath the striving, I was silently suffering with anxiety and depression.

I was existing and appeared to have the perfect life. I had a beautiful home, an extremely loving husband, some beautiful little baby boys, great family and friends, but I didn’t know something was missing until one day a friend pointed out to me that I had a problem, because when we had a conversation about it I reacted.

Her comment woke me up to see my reality, and my reality was that everything looked perfect and successful on the outside but I wasn’t in a very good place on the inside. I was unwell – mentally, emotionally and physically. In that moment I felt a great fear of loss, that I would not be there for my children and even greater, that I was not the person I thought I was!

The question arose – who am I?

This was a pivotal moment that more than 20 years ago changed the trajectory of my life. I realised that there was something deeply missing. Catalysed by a deep fear, I made a really strong conscious choice – a decision. I was going to be well no matter what!

Once I made this conscious decision, time stopped and I became more self-aware. I began to understand my greater reality, my inner reality, and from that place I felt my intuition open up – a greater intelligence than the mental thinking patterns that had kept me stuck in silent suffering.

I call it my internal heart compass or GPS. I connected with it!

It led me to wellbeing and activated the skills of problem solving and innovation. I created deep and meaningful relationships, more fun, adventure and freedom. I cultivated my intuitive intelligence for direct access to a bigger picture and personalised guidance for my life that brought deep meaning, purpose and fulfilment beyond my wildest dreams.
This is now how I live my life. I listen to the greater intelligence within me for guidance, solutions, innovations, creation and the best action steps to realise my vision. Step by step I learned to listen, and regained my curiosity and sense of adventure in life. I found my inner courage, confidence and reclaimed my personal power.

In my first 27 years, despite being a good student, listening and learning from my environment and replicating what I learned, I rarely felt like this was enough. I rarely felt heard, I rarely felt successful and I rarely felt true happiness.

I was a student that listened outside of myself, but what I needed was to listen to my inner knowing, the intelligence within, and connect deeply with my true essence and choose to live my truth; follow my own internal heart compass so I could be the full expression of my unique gifts, true nature and bring that to the world.

When I became more self aware, I chose to create new relationships with my thoughts, emotions and the world around me, by listening inwardly, looking within and feeling into my body. I studied my own thoughts, habits and patterns to transform my life. Guided by my internal GPS, I learned that there are no mistakes and everything I experienced in life was of my own creation via perception and how I see the world.

But most of all, I learned that you can change your life in a heart-beat!

That original conscious decision unravelled a dedicated journey of self-awareness that gifted me rich and meaningful life experiences. I’ve since travelled to many countries – some many times. India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali, Macau, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, United States of America, Hawaii, Peru, Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia.

Using my pioneering attitude, I established and successfully directed and operated a Wellbeing Centre for the mind, body and soul within a small conservative country town of 1,200 people. At the time the economy was at its worst, with shops closing down. This was a niche and something which was a totally new way of thinking in this community, so business professionals said I was crazy. I applied my passion, intuitive guidance, to innovate a new way of doing business and was able to achieve success beyond the economic conditions at that time.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become a co-author with international personal and spiritual development greats like Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks and Neale Donald Walsh. I truly felt honoured and humbled by this opportunity and it inspired me to publish my first international book titled “Become your Own Guru…How to live an empowered Life”.

As a speaker I love to inspire my audiences by speaking intuitively from the heart to bring awareness to the potential, inner knowing and guidance that is present in all of us – helping people transform and live their best lives. I facilitate a transformational experience and share techniques for self-awareness, presence, and how to work with universal intelligence to co-create their happiest life.

My passion lies in helping people to expand their horizons, believe in themselves and capitalise on their own strengths to bring out the best within each individual; and empower them to be the change they wish to see in the world by being true to themselves and maintaining their own authenticity.

On a personal level I have enjoyed, as well as been challenged in a good way, the journey of motherhood raising three awesome kids – Alex, Brad and Maddy, alongside my partner Julian. Most of the time we lived in country Victoria on a farming property, enjoying fun family vacations with friends in a caravan park by the ocean – family is one of my greatest values!

I now live in the gorgeous, small village of Uki, NSW with my family and am well-loved for my easy going, caring and supportive nature, sense of fun, passion for travel, cultural experiences and adventure.