Coaching Testimonials

Emma Walkinshaw, Personal Development Coach

What I love about Theresa's coaching style is that she is warm and encouraging as well as truthful and honest. Theresa, has a way of guiding you to your inner knowing and finding your own truth. I personally have had a few Aha moment's in the presence of Theresa....

Jade P Marketing Consultant, Southern Highlands, NSW

I am so grateful to have met Theresa when I did.  Going into our first meeting I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, I just knew I wanted ‘more’.  Working with Theresa has given me an opportunity to explore what I really want in life and the courage...

Carol R, Beautician and Solo-preneur Murwillumbah, Australia

Theresa's positive energy and joyful smile is testimony in itself that she is a wonderful person to be around. What I loved about Theresa's coaching is that she really listens to you and then guides you in a way that you discover your own answers, which is very...

Donna O, Life Coach and Trainer USA

Theresa's loving and wise presence allows you to safely reach deep within, revealing enlightening awareness of truth and expanding your spirit to new heights of joy, enthusiasm and wisdom.  Theresa embodies such divine strength and wisdom in such gentle loving...

Mitch Carson, Business Marketing Consultant USA

I just had an amazing 30-minute session with Theresa. It was transformational. She should be called the 30-minute transformationalist. I must admit to being initially hesitant sharing myself with a stranger. She allowed me to feel relaxed, comfortable and let me lead...

Victoria Travis of Travis and Associates, Denver USA

Theresa is an incredible facilitator and coach. I have experienced her work over the past several years and have made really big shifts in consciousness that have significantly improved both my personal and professional life. She is a real gem!

Michael Atchison, Holistic Hypnotics, Geelong Australia

I have had the privilege of knowing Theresa for a number of years now, and I can honestly state that she is simply amazing at transforming the lives of her clients. She is always a pillar of strength and inspiration. Whether you seek Theresa’s skills in coaching, or...

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Sally D, USA

The Intuitive Intelligence Meditation helped me to find the still place within and connect with my personal truth.  By practising the meditation I am finding it easier to attune to my intuition in daily life for guidance, trusting it more and am finding that my life is happier and I have a greater sense of freedom and fulfilment.

Sally D, USA