Felicity Parker Coaching, The Healthy Circle Project

I joined Theresa’s online Masterclasses not really knowing what I wanted or needed, all I knew was that I was in a place that was not comfortable and I could feel myself sinking further into depression and isolation. All I knew was that Theresa is an awesome woman who only has others’ best interests at heart. So I took the leap and joined the Masterclasses!

Throughout the course and afterwards I felt extremely supported. Theresa was very generous with her time and on more than one occasion had a personal phone session with me to help me move through some blockages that I was experiencing. The techniques she used were very gentle and loving (something I am not accustomed to) and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of meeting my challenges and working through them with her.

Theresa definitely pushed me past my comfort zone and I feel very thankful that she could see in me what I could not see myself and lovingly challenged me to find my truth and stand in it. She took me out of my victim role and showed me how powerful I could be as a leader. Through this I got to experience being a leader and how that felt and I am so very blessed to say that through Theresa’s encouragement and support my life is taking new directions! Directions that I would have never thought possible or had the courage to step out on my own (my negative self talk would always stop me in my tracks) but through Theresa’s processes, teachings and insights I do see the possibilities, I do have the courage and for the first time in my life I feel like the leader I was born to be.