Intuitive Leadership

8 Week Online Intensive Masterclasses

Master 8 Keys to activate your intuitive intelligence for success and fulfilment™

Who is it for?

These Masterclasses are for entrepreneurs and change makers who want to:

  • Get back their time, increase profits and have more freedom.

  • Expand their business without sacrificing their lifestyle.

  • Be the best version of themselves.

  • Take inspired action.

  • Feel passionate, have a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their life.

  • Not follow the crowd and want to create a lifestyle on their terms.

  • Clear the unconscious patterns that keep them stuck and hold them back from creating their best life.

  • Achieve an epic lifestyle.

Who is it not for:

  • Those who are not willing to invest the time and energy into attending the webinars and implement the keys for success.

  • Those looking for an instant result or quick fix. It is a process that will fast-track, however everyone is unique and for some it can take time to master the keys.

  • Those who are in need of therapy for mental health challenges.

  • This is a personal development program and does not replace therapy.

Overview of the Masterclasses

The Masterclasses are for entrepreneurs and change makers who have been doing personal development for a long time and are now looking to take their life and business to the next level beyond traditional personal development teachings.

Imagine if you could access a higher intelligence on demand for inspired ideas, solutions, increase productivity, create ease and flow to fast-track your success.

Your intuitive intelligence is an untapped, secret innate gift that can give you back your time, increase your income and give you more freedom.

The best answers to your life, business and money challenges aren’t always found in Google search or with the latest guru.

Imagine if you could clear your emotions and tune into an intelligence far more personalised for:

  • Clarity and Direction

  • Confidence and Certainty

  • Laser Focus and Productivity

  • Solutions and Inspired Ideas

  • Inspired Action and Strategy

  • Fulfillment and Success.

 Working smarter – not harder!

Emotional and intuitive intelligence can be cultivated to create optimal results in your decision making, performance and productivity.

I will teach you a no fluff, practical approach to engage your intuitive intelligence and quantify your innate creative power in life and business for success.

The 8 Keys to Activate Your Intuitive Intelligence For Success and Fulfilment™

Self Awareness

Be a conscious leader and align with the higher vision for your life and business.

Mind Mastery

Move beyond unhelpful automatic thinking. Create the ability to choose your thoughts and not have your thoughts take you around in circles, limiting your performance and success.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to work with your emotions so that you can transcend the entrepreneurial emotional rollercoaster.

Activate your internal GPS

Tune into your internal compass for the most direct path to having more time, money and freedom.

Personal Power

Activate your personal power to manifest at will.

The Path of Least Resistance

Tune into the vibrational field and play with the path of least resistance to experience more ease and flow.

Intuitive Intelligence

Cultivate intuitive intelligence, soul-inspired creations, innovation and solutions.

Vibrational State

Maintain your vibrational state for opportunities, abundance, flow and freedom.

What challenges do we cover in the Masterclasses?

How to:

  • Get back your time, increase your profits and have more freedom.

  • Stop feeling torn between living a happy life and achieving your ambitious goals – you can have it all!

  • Get off the entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster.

  • Overcome procrastination, self-doubt, move forward and play bigger.

  • Go from lost, frustrated and stuck to taking inspired sustainable action.

  • Get clarity, direction, confidence, certainty and make quick, wise decisions without feeling you’re taking a big risk.

  • Tune into your creative genius for solutions and million-dollar ideas.

What results do people achieve in the Masterclasses?

To date entrepreneurs and change makers have:

  • Dramatically improved their relationship with money and attracted new opportunities to work less and earn more.

  • Transitioned from jobs to starting their own businesses.

  • Found their life purpose.

  • Started realising childhood dreams such as writing their first book.

  • Started joint ventures.

  • Cut back working hours and increased income.

  • Gained confidence.

  • Manifested money, soul mates and travel opportunities.

  • Stepped into their creative power and opportunities have opened up.

  • Improved their relationships in life, business and with teams.

  • Improved their general wellbeing.


What is included:

  • A one-on-one 90 minute coaching preparation session where Theresa will help you to tune into your higher vision for your life and business, transform any current challenges and offer unique guidance for you in relation to fast-tracking your growth and performance.

    Value $297.

  • 8 weekly 90-minute group coaching webinars where Theresa will share the keys in greater detail and their application to integrate into your daily life. Theresa will also offer group coaching, inviting members to share any challenges that they are having in regards to their life and business “flow” and intuitively coach on the spot.

  • All members present will benefit from this because usually if you are there, then you will resonate on some level with the same challenges, and when Theresa works with energetic alignment, if you are open and there is a resonance, you will also receive the alignment. The group coaching webinars are profound and powerful.

    Value $1,200.

  • Access to a closed Facebook group providing community interaction between weeks and Theresa will also be present for any questions and challenges for the 8 weeks.

    Unlimited value.

  • Four recorded applied Mindfulness Meditations and Practices to help you stay clear,centred, support mastery of your mind and increase emotional intelligence.

    Value $120.

  • 2 free tickets to an urban retreat, learning and practising applied mindfulness to thrive in daily life. (Valid for 12 months).

    Value $394.

  • Signed copy of “Become Your Own Guru – How to Live an Empowered and Meaningful Life”.                                                                                                                                                                    Value $30.

Total value is $2,041.

What are the dates and times?

All Webinars are Live, Online using the Zoom Platform and Recorded. One to One Sessions are individually booked and you have live support through a secret facebook group.

Webinar Times and Dates:

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To Express Interest for the next available Maserclasses

What is the investment?

$997 or 3 easy payments of $350

Money Back Guarantee:

I understand that coming into an online group coaching program and taking a new course can be a leap of faith, so if after 7 days you are not feeling the program is for you, I will happily give you a full refund.

Approximately how many people participate?

The Masterclasses are limited to 10 people.

Is there any follow up support?

We have a Facebook group where you are supported during the Masterclasses and can stay connected with the community to share your results and celebrate your wins.

How do I get started?

Click here to schedule a complimentary conversation with Theresa to ensure this program is a suitable match for your needs.

Carol Robinson

Solo-Entrepreneur and Self Employed Beautician

I hired Theresa prior to the Masterclasses for one on one coaching and have already achieved significant life change in the direction of my dreams. Then when Theresa shared her Masterclasses with me, I thought that I am ready to take my life and business to the next level and all successful people continue their personal development.

All I can say is Wow!!!

Everything went to the next level. I learned how to quieten my thoughts, gained the next level of emotional resilience and best of all I learned how to make fast, wise decisions by including my intuitive insight in the decision-making process.

I was able to reduce my hours in my business and earn much more, became time efficient and had great opportunities present both personally and professionally that I previously never saw coming.

I established a joint venture with another business that will enhance confidence in women which I’m excited about.  Plus, I made a last minute decision to travel with my daughter to the USA to reunite with my birth family and take part in a presentation of our inspirational story to over 1,200 people on stage.  The date of this family event coincided with a business conference featuring Tony Robbins as one of the main speakers; it was an amazing opportunity and I made it all happen.

I realised that my life and who I am is an inspiration and want to empower others to be the best version of themselves.

The Masterclass enhanced my life in ways that were much more than I expected. It helped me get back my time, gain clarity, have a stronger vision, increase my profits, gain more freedom through personal empowerment and take action all whilst going with the flow.

Felicity Parker

Coaching, The Healthy Circle Project

I joined Theresa’s online Masterclasses not really knowing what I wanted or needed, all I knew was that I was in a place that was not comfortable and I could feel myself sinking further into depression and isolation. All I knew was that Theresa is an awesome woman who only has others’ best interests at heart. So I took the leap and joined the Masterclasses!

Throughout the course and afterwards I felt extremely supported. Theresa was very generous with her time and on more than one occasion had a personal phone session with me to help me move through some blockages that I was experiencing. The techniques she used were very gentle and loving (something I am not accustomed to) and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of meeting my challenges and working through them with her.

Theresa definitely pushed me past my comfort zone and I feel very thankful that she could see in me what I could not see myself and lovingly challenged me to find my truth and stand in it. She took me out of my victim role and showed me how powerful I could be as a leader. Through this I got to experience being a leader and how that felt and I am so very blessed to say that through Theresa’s encouragement and support my life is taking new directions!

Directions that I would have never thought possible or had the courage to step out on my own (my negative self talk would always stop me in my tracks) but through Theresa’s processes, teachings and insights I do see the possibilities, I do have the courage and for the first time in my life I feel like the leader I was born to be.

Nina Hurt

Author and founder of Soul Empowerment

I’ve been sitting quietly and contemplating the changes that have occurred in recent weeks since committing to the Masterclasses and so much has changed in my life.

Old stuff has gone and I feel never to return (I am off that treadmill of repeating patterns – woo hoo!).  I have my finances in control for probably the first time ever in my life and how empowering is this?

My relationships have improved beyond words.

I am moving into a deep state of creativity… writing…dreaming…meditating and I am breathing from my heart. My words are truthful and honest. I have always dreamed about writing a book and am now realising that dream!  I am writing my first book and excited about the difference it will make in other peoples lives. I am in awe of you ladies – the commitment you have made to yourselves and what is unfolding for each of you.  I am blessed to be a part of your journeys.  Love and blessings.

Belinda Grace

Founder of Crocodile Bookkeeping

I joined the Masterclasses to gain more confidence but I got so much more!

I gained clarity on what really matters to me and a new exciting vision to create my happiest life. I started to ask for what I want, stepped into my power and backed myself by making decisions to live my best life.

I gained clarity, confidence and learned so many new life skills to live a happy and fulfilling life.  I have even started my own bookkeeping business to work the hours that I choose, increase my income and help business owners take away the overwhelm and stress of business bookkeeping, so they can focus on what they love to do in their business.

Thank you so much Theresa, I feel so grateful to you for your support, teachings and coaching.