Keynote Speaking

Places I have spoken:


  • Conscious Life Expo, Sunshine Coast Queensland

  • Wellbeing Expo, Auckland New Zealand

  • Being Well Expo, Hamilton Victoria

  • Empowering Women’s Conference, Casterton Victoria

  • Apex Club, Casterton Victoria

How to Stop Searching and Start Living!

Your Epic Life Starts Now…

In this talk you will discover how to be present in the moment and enjoy life now.  Theresa takes you on a journey to a place of calm and stillness where you will discover that all you ever needed is already within you.  She will then lead you through some practises to access the answers that you seek on a daily basis, so that you can give your attention to being more present in the magic of the moments in your life.  You will be surprised how you can improve your relationships, health and wealth when you apply these techniques.


Audience Take Aways:

  • An easy 3 minute practice that shifts you from being stressed and overwhelmed to centred, clear and calm.

  • You’ll learn that your epic life is available right now with a simple shift in mindset.

  • The inspiration to make changes so you can start living now to have more fun, adventure and joy in your life.

How Leaders slow down to speed up!

The fastest way to achieve more with less effort.

In this talk you will discover the benefits of slowing down and learn more effective ways of achieving results than burning the candle at both ends and multi-tasking. Discover how you can utilise your intuitive intelligence for instant solutions to challenges, wise decision making and direct inspired action for the best outcomes.

Theresa will also share simple and practical cutting edge techniques that you can implement in your daily life to achieve more with less effort.


Audience Take Aways:

  • Learn how to start working with your intuition to increase your productivity and performance.

  • How to stay focused and productive to reduce distractions that slow you down.

  • How to overcome fear and doubt that are often associated with making intuitive decisions.

The Art of Inspired Living!

How to live from intuition versus fear

In this talk Theresa will uplift and inspire the audience with stories about how she overcame the debilitating fears and negative critical mind that was destroying her happiness, and how one conscious choice changed the trajectory of her life forever.  At that moment of making the decision, she became self aware and felt her intuition open up, guiding her to wellbeing and beyond.  She will share about the fun, adventure and enriched lifestyle she has experienced by cultivating her intuition and how you too can move through fear and make wise decisions in tough times in order to create an extra-ordinary life!


Audience Take Aways

  • A little known key to working with your emotions and be a source of self-empowerment.

  • How to listen and trust your intuition.

  • A simple practical technique that you can apply to cultivate inspired living.


Theresa is also available to present custom talks tailored to specific requirements.

My Biography

With 20 years of experience in the art of healing and personal transformation, Theresa is an Author, Speaker and transformational leader. 

As a divine messenger, Theresa facilitates powerful personal transformation for her audiences by tuning into universal intelligence to deliver results that are beyond what the mind thinks is possible.

She is the author of “Become your Own Guru, How to live an empowered and meaningful life”, which reached international audiences and has become a holistic handbook of daily guidance for many readers. She has also co-authored with international personal and spiritual development leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Mark Victor Hansen and Neale Donald Walsh in the book titled “In the Spirit of Success”.

A personal experience from two decades ago led to her own pivotal self-awakening process that took her on a unique adventure of self discovery where she was able to activate her intuition, and utilise her innate gifts and creative power. She travelled to sacred sites around the world, spent time with influential leaders and studied many healing modalities.

Theresa’s passion for empowering others to seek their own truth and freedom is evident when she is presenting. She shares techniques for self-awareness, presence and how to work with universal intelligence to co-create the reality they envision for themselves and humanity. She naturally uplifts her audiences and leaves them contemplating their choices and inspired to live to their full potential.

She has had the opportunity to share on stages within Australia and New Zealand and works with clients throughout the world.