Make your Life Epic event! ( 4 hours )

An introduction to multi-dimensional goal setting.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs and change makers who:

  • Do not want to follow the crowd and want to create a lifestyle on their own terms.

  • Have been doing personal development for a long time and have big dreams.

  • Practice the Law of Attraction but are still going around in the same old circles and want to fine-tune their processes to achieve more consistent success.

  • Know that they’ve been procrastinating, stuck and looking for solutions to move forward, play bigger and change their life.

  • Are stressed, worry about their future and doubt that they can truly have what they desire in their life.

  • Are feeling stuck and want to clear the unconscious patterns that are holding them back from creating their best life

  • Want an epic and fulfilling life.


Who is it not for?

Entrepreneurs and change makers who:

  • Are not ready or willing to make the changes they know in their heart they need to make to have what they want.

  • Are stuck and not able to move forward.

  • Are not prepared to change their mindset and take action to create more ease and flow.

  • Think they already know the answers and are not going to take advice from someone else.

  • Are not willing to be honest with themselves about what they really want in life.


Overview of the event

Are you ready to take your life to a whole new level, play bigger and co-create your greatest life? You know – the one that your heart secretly desires!

Multi-dimensional goal setting is the ability to transcend time; attune to your deeper soul-inspired purpose, potential and a vision for your life that is far beyond what your mind thinks is possible.

It is not for the light-hearted and uncommitted.  It will take a willingness to accept your greatness and the courage to live your best life.

Join Theresa for an experiential workshop to learn how to tap into your innate creative power with self-awareness, emotional and intuitive intelligence to manifest an epic life.

This will be a fun, empowering and transformative experience that will open your mind and heart to being more centred, grounded, clear and taking inspired action to manifest what really matters to you – the bigger soul inspired vision in your heart that will light you up.


What challenges do we cover in the event?

  • How to overcome self doubt, procrastination and move forward with clarity and confidence to take steps to make your vision a reality.

  • How to work with your emotions so that you can transcend being on an emotional roller-coaster.

  • How you can fast-track your results by being attuned to your intuitive intelligence.

  • How to improve the quality of all areas of your life with one simple practice.

  • How to stop working so hard for money and regain your time, energy and freedom.


What results do people get from the event?

  • People become inspired to take action by taking steps towards moving forward and changing their life.

  • They gain clarity and confidence to start living their epic life now.

  • The are able to clear subconscious patterns that are holding them back from achieving what they want at a core level.

  • They will gain an understanding of what multi-dimensional goal setting is and how it can help them achieve more with less effort.


What modalities/intentions are covered and brief description?

This will be an experiential workshop.  Theresa will draw on multiple modalities from the years of work she has done, although she finds that sometimes the modalities can become a limitation.

Being highly intuitive, she will draw on her innate gifts to enhance the learning.  In other words, she will work with whatever is most useful for the participants present at the workshop.

One of her favourite tools that she will be sharing with you is “The Wish® Game” used to expand awareness, shift energetic blocks and align with Universal flow.

Everyone will have the option to play, so get ready for fun, awareness, connection and a little bit of magic as Theresa guides you on how to play to move forward and create from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Click Here and Connect with Theresa to inquire if this event is a fit for your group, workplace or compliment your personal development event

What is the location?

Theresa currently travels offering this event to groups Australiawide.

What is the investment?

This will depend on travel arrangements, size of group etc.

How many people can attend?

We can host up to 40 people at this event.

Is there follow up support?

You will be added to a closed Facebook group where you can continue to have the support and connection of the community.

How do I get started?

Click here to chat with Theresa about how this can benefit your group, workplace or larger event

Typical FAQ’s

If you have any questions please contact me for further information.

Mitch Carson

Business Marketing Consultant USA

I just had an amazing 30-minute session with Theresa. It was transformational. She should be called the 30-minute transformationalist. I must admit to being initially hesitant sharing myself with a stranger. She allowed me to feel relaxed, comfortable and let me lead as I followed her on the journey of finding my balance. If this sounds a little out there, get over it. Her style of getting to the essence of what I want is unique.

She is truly gifted in connecting with people. All the fancy degrees from expensive schools cannot provide this ability Theresa possesses. If you feel unclear, stuck, or plain uncertain about a situation or your life, Theresa can help you as she helped me.