Nina Hurt, Author and founder of Soul Empowerment

“I’ve been sitting quietly and contemplating the changes that have occurred in recent weeks since committing to the Masterclasses and so much has changed in my life.

Old stuff has gone and I feel never to return (I am off that treadmill of repeating patterns – woo hoo!).  I have my finances in control for probably the first time ever in my life and how empowering is this?

My relationships have improved beyond words.

I am moving into a deep state of creativity… writing…dreaming…meditating and I am breathing from my heart. My words are truthful and honest. I have always dreamed about writing a book and am now realising that dream!  I am writing my first book and excited about the difference it will make in other peoples lives. I am in awe of you ladies – the commitment you have made to yourselves and what is unfolding for each of you.  I am blessed to be a part of your journeys.  Love and blessings.