Waking Up with Mindfulness Mini Retreat

Learn how to achieve more with less effort and thrive!

Overview of the event

Imagine easing into your weekend with a day focused on you. Relaxing, rejuvenating and learning how to apply mindfulness in your daily life to thrive. In the modern world, it’s so busy, people are engaging more in their thoughts than ever before, distracted, stressed, multi-tasking and often overwhelmed.

Mindfulness is a way to increase your “mind and fitness” just as one would go to a gym to increase physical fitness and maybe build muscle. Mindfulness is a way to build your mind muscle and cultivate a mind that will support you at a greater capacity in life, work, relationships and more.


Mindfulness is a state of mind that involves paying attention to your experience in the present moment in a non-judgemental, open and curious manner. Rather than worrying about what is going to happen next or ruminating on what happened in the past, mindfulness helps you become more aware of what is actually happening in the present moment and respond in a constructive and nourishing way.


When one experiences living more in the present moment, not only do they feel nourished, enriched, become more creative and solution orientated, gain wisdom and contribute in meaningful ways – they truly feel alive and thrive!

Donna O

Life Coach and Trainer USA

Theresa’s loving and wise presence allows you to safely reach deep within, revealing enlightening awareness of truth and expanding your spirit to new heights of joy, enthusiasm and wisdom.  Theresa embodies such divine strength and wisdom in such gentle loving delivery.  Your experience will be enhanced when spending time with Theresa.  You will walk away feeling blissful and shift in ways that will greatly benefit you.

What challenges do we cover in the event?

  • How to turn a busy mind into a productive ally.

  • How to overcome worry and stress.

  • How to be more peaceful, calm and confident.

  • How to be less reactive and increase your emotional resilience.

  • How to improve your focus and concentration to increase performance and productivity.

  • How to have more work/life balance.

  • How to retrain the habits of your mind to support you in achieving success.

What results do people achieve?

  • Reduced stress, worry and reactive behaviours

  • Increased resilience and to learn that change is a natural part of life and move with it.

  • Increased self-awareness and learn to be present for optimal performance and productivity.

  • Improved focus and concentration.

  • Become more centred, balanced and make wiser choices in life and business.



The retreat was very peaceful and I could leave the pressures of life behind.  I loved that Theresa always ensured that you understood the teachings and I learnt to guide my mind positively. Thank you Theresa I really enjoyed my time and I look forward to reading your book.

What modalities/intentions are covered and brief description?

The Retreat is experiential in order to offer the most productive approach on how to apply mindfulness in daily life in this busy modern world and to thrive in all aspects.

The retreat is suitable for beginners to those advanced in mindfulness and meditation practices.

It is a wonderful way to experience a taste of applied mindfulness practices that can offer time for some inner calm, self-nourishment and self-nurture.

You will receive:

  • Practical lessons of both informal and formal practices that you can apply to your everyday life.

  • Ways to work with your busy mind and be more focused, have greater clarity and productivity.

  • Time for questions and answers so that you learn simple, easy and practical ways to cultivate the skill of mindfulness into your work and lifestyle.


  • Easy techniques to be more calm, focused and present in daily life.

  • Formal and informal mindfulness techniques that can be easily applied in modern life to enhance your quality of life.



I loved the meditation, and knowledge shared was easily relatable and understood. I got a sense of calm, relaxed awareness and gained confidence to apply the techniques into my life.  I loved Theresa’s style of facilitating, she emanates a gentle calmness, is intuitive and always checking in with us to ensure we get the most from the teachings.

Thank you kindly Theresa.

What are the dates and times?

22nd September 2018
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm


What is the location?

Uki, Northern Rivers, NSW
This is not an overnight Retreat


What is the investment?

Early Bird Price $97 until 1st September 2018

Regular Price $197

Click here to buy Early Bird Price Now


How many people attend?

The retreat offers a small group experience to maximise learning, enable an understanding and be able to practice, so that participants can take what they’ve learnt and apply it immediately in a practical way into their life.

There is a maximum of 20 participants.


Is there any follow up support?

You will receive a digital copy of the meditation practices so that you can continue to practise formal meditations at home should you choose to. You will also be added to a closed Facebook group where you can continue to have the support and connection of the community.


How do I register?

Click here to purchase and your attendance will be registered. For any questions, contact me here for further information.


Can I transfer?

We understand that sometimes things come up so it is possible to transfer your place to someone else. Simply contact me with details of the person who will be attending in your place.


What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the small number of places available there is no refund if you choose to cancel your place. You can transfer your purchase to another person, use your ticket for another retreat or put it towards another service that Theresa offers.


When should I arrive?

Registration opens at 9:30am and finishes at 9:55am in readiness to begin the retreat at 10:00am. We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes prior to allow registration to be completed and settle in.


What happens if I show up late?

We will start promptly at 10:00am so please do your best to show up on time. If you happen to be late, there will be someone there to welcome you and help settle you in.


Can I bring my dog or baby?

We’re sorry, this event is not suitable for dogs or babies.



Light refreshments are available but please bring your lunch or dine at one of the many cafes that are in the area.



I loved being around like-minded people at the retreat.  It felt safe and Theresa has a way of making you instantly feel relaxed, calm and uplifted.


Palm Beach

The retreat was great, relaxed environment, easy parking and yummy refreshments. Theresa facilitates in a gentle engaging way and taught helpful skills that you could take away and apply in your life immediately. I got more than I expected from the retreat, Theresa covered a range of thought behaviours and tips that you could take home.



The retreat has simply been fantastic. Theresa has a very caring nature and I felt she was like a friend.  It was easy to feel calm, comfortable and she got me thinking differently. I got fantastic guidance, thought about my life, planned to move ahead and go for what I want.

Thank you Theresa.



I loved learning to meditate and how mindfulness can enhance the quality of my daily life.  Theresa is very soft and thoughtful and the lessons are beautiful.  Thank you Theresa, I love learning from you and always learn something new that I can take home and improve my life.